Vertical Earthing King Ohm ® provides a durable and non-growing low resistance value of at least a quarter of that which can be obtained in a classic vertical earth electrode immersed at the same depth, at the same time and place. This ensures the cost saving of at least 25%.

Construction of installation based on King Ohm grounding is less expensive and requires a quarter less strips and excavations.  It also allows you to reduce costs of rebuilding roads and entry onto neighbouring land.
King Ohm consists of two sets. Each set builds an optimal earthing for masts, houses, buildings, gas stations, magazines, etc.
Our preparation has a positive opinion of  the Institute of Environmental protection .
We provide 20 years warranty on the functioning of our earthing electrode.

DIN Norm:

DIN: VDE 0100-540

DIN: VDE 0101-2:2011

DIN: VDE 0185-305-3:2011

12348 €

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